Experience, expertise and diversity

Empowering your decisions.

Kenkko’s has been an expert in the field for decades and now we are proudly celebrating 30 years in the sector. Our considerable experience, expertise and global connections enable us to provide up to date information and advice on market trends to our customers and suppliers enabling them to make informed decisions. Today, Kenkko serve over 300 customers globally.

Our strength is our constant attention to detail and readiness to respond to the dynamic and varied needs of our customers.

Complete Logistics and Immediate Availability

Adding value to your business,
giving you peace of mind.

Kenkko’s experienced logistics team interprets and implements your requirements quickly and effectively. Our team can arrange freight by vessel and/or road, as well as store goods at our designated temperature controlled warehouses in Europe, where we can hold stocks for you. Complex logistics are managed to ensure your order is delivered to the destination on time in order to meet production schedules. We provide competitive freight rates or alternatively manage delivery of goods under your own service contracts.

Global Reach, Local Understanding

Speaking your language,
understanding your culture.

Kenkko services a worldwide network of suppliers and customers. Combined, our team is fluent in over 15 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi and Gujarati. Kenkko’s team understands your culture, your specific needs and expectations.

We offer you a bespoke service; you and your team can communicate easily and effectively with our team to ensure your requirements are understood and contracts are executed smoothly and efficiently.

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  • नमस्कार, Kenkko आपका स्वागत करता है! हमारे प्रतिनिधि से बात करने के लिए, इस नंबर पर संपर्क करे +44 (0)20 8202 6600 IN
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