Category: Nuts
Main Origins: USA, Turkey, Greece
Harvest Times: March to April & August to October

The pistachio (pistacia vera) is a small that grows best in desert like climates (i.e. dry with hot days and cool nights).

For unknown reasons the size of the crops vary considerably every year, alternating big and small crops. The ratio between big and small crop can reach 15:1. Even more remarkable is that trees adapt themselves to the crop cycle of their cultivation area regardless of the year which they are planted in.

Artificial irrigation in the orchards is common as pistachio trees are generally grown in dry regions. The trees are connected to a system of micro-sprinklers which takes care that the trees get enough water.

Pistachio nuts grow in grape like clusters, with each nut in turn growing encased in an outer hull that turns rosy and splits naturally when ripe. The pistachio nut differs from other nuts due to its characteristic green coloured kernel and the semi opening of its shell. This singular morphology makes the pistachio the only edible nut that does not need to be shelled for roasting and salting. This makes the pistachio easy for consumption as the shell works as a natural wrapping.

Applications for pistachios depend mainly on their presentation. Pistachios in shell are consumed as a snack, raw, roasted or roasted and salted; kernels are used as an ingredient for the confectionary and the bakery industry; and finally, green peeled are used as an ingredient for ice creams and in the production of pistachio paste for confectioners.

NV Pistachios are an excellent source of potassium (essential for a healthy heart) and one of the best natural food sources of iron (which boosts the immune system). They also contain a good amount of copper, phosphorous, calcium, vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine), vitamin B6, fibre and protein. Like all nuts, pistachios are relatively high in monounsaturated fat (which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol), low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol.

Kenkko can supply shelled and in shell pistachios, naturally or mechanically open, raw or roasted and salted, and all grades of green peeled pistachios.

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