Groundnuts or Peanuts

Category: Nuts
Main Origins: China, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, India
Harvest Times: April to July & September to October & December to January

Although traditionally sold as nuts, the peanut or groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) is in fact a species in the legume family (Fabaceae), which also includes the peas. The plant flowers above the ground but fruits below the ground, hence the name groundnut.

During harvest, the peanuts are extracted from the ground and left to dry on the field for 2 or 3 days. Once dry, they are collected and put in storage where they will further dry until they are ready to be transported to the processing plant, where they will be cleaned and sorted.

There are many applications for peanuts: they can be eaten as a snack, used in cooking recipes (its widespread use in Asian cuisine is well known), processed into peanut butter, used as an ingredient for bakery and confectionery products (bars, cookies, peanut brittle, etc.), made into solvents and oils, used in cosmetic products, medicines, textile materials, as well as many other uses.

NV Peanuts are rich in almost all minerals, containing excellent levels of manganese, copper and magnesium and being a very good source of iron, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and selenium. Peanuts are also a good source of vitamin B3 (also known as niacin) and vitamin B9 in its natural occurring form (known as folate) and contain a variety of other vitamins and pantothenic acid. Another quality of peanuts is their high content of monounsaturated fats and their low cholesterol and sodium levels.

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