I want the benefit of global connections with local market expertise.
Kenkko has established relationships with growers and packers at source and has serviced an international client base across a wide product range for over 20 years. This enables us to provide you with in depth analysis and understanding of global market conditions as well as local trends.
I want a one-to-one relationship with a company that understands my strategy and is concerned with my needs.
Kenkko provides a bespoke service, tailor made to your needs. We have your details at our fingertips so you can rely on us to understand your current requirements and meet your future demands. Our versatility enables us to deliver solutions for a diverse range of commodities, raw or processed and packed to address your specific needs.
I want to ensure offers I get are competitive.
Kenkko has well established connections at source. As we are buying and selling large quantities of produce, we are able to secure products of the required quality at competitive terms.
My orders are complex and need to be interpreted and implemented quickly and efficiently.
Kenkko’s professional contract management and logistics team ensures contracts are executed efficiently and accurately. We will manage your order from origin to your warehouse or chosen destination. We can arrange freight by sea and/or road, insurance, custom clearance and sampling. We have experience and expertise in handling a wide range of documentation and are knowledgeable in stringent import requirements and regulations.
I want to order my products for the next six months/year but can only take delivery of one container at a time
If you would like us to store your goods, we are able to do so at our temperature controlled warehouse facilities, delivering them to you on request.
I want to know where my goods are at all times.
Kenkko will enable you to receive accurate data on the status of your order anytime. We will constantly monitor your contracts and report to you using sophisticated trading software and advanced communication systems.
I want my orders and purchase information protected.
Kenkko respect you. Your information is kept strictly confidential at all times.