Dried Apricots

Category: Dried Fruit
Main Origins: Turkey, China
Harvest Times: July to October

Turkish dried apricots account for almost 85% of the world’s market. This is arguably due to their mild and sweet taste when compared to other origins/varieties which offer a sharper, more distinct taste.

For the production of Turkish dried apricots, fresh apricots are first treated with sulphur dioxide. To get 1 Kg of dried apricots 3.5 to 4.5 Kg of fresh fruit is needed. The sulphuring has two effects: 1) all insects and bacteria are killed which will help preserving the fruit; 2) the brown colour of the ripe fruit changes to a light orange, making it more attractive to the eye. If the apricots are un-sulphured, the dried apricots, which are the end product, will be dark brownish in colour, lose some of the sweetness but gain a more intense taste. After sulphuring or after harvest if not sulphured, apricots are spread under the sun and left to dry until they have the correct consistency to easily remove the stones. After pitting, they are finally sundried again till the desired moisture content is reached, becoming the end product known as dried apricots. All whole dried apricots are then mechanically washed, calibrated and statically inspected to remove any foreign material.

The main application of dried apricots is their consumption as a snack. Having said that, the number of new applications keeps increasing, being used in a variety of bakery products, confectionery applications or within healthy energy bars to name but a few. 

NV The nutritional content of apricots is not tampered with during the drying process. For that reason and also because dried apricots are fresh apricots stripped off their water content, the concentration level of nutrients in dried apricots is much higher than in fresh apricots. Dried apricots are rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C.

Sun dried apricots are sourced from a very restricted number of selected companies. Goods are pre washed and carefully sized and sorted. Sulphur and humidity levels are strictly monitored and controlled. All sizes and grades available.

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